Robert; Dale Brandreth; Sherwood's 1938 AVRO Chess Tournament PDF

By Robert; Dale Brandreth; Sherwood

167 pages, hardback

Full notes to all of the video games PLUS a few first-class pictures and large statement at the prelude and aftermath to this nice occasion, the most powerful match ever held as much as that time.

The AVRO match used to be held within the Netherlands in 1938, subsidized by way of the Dutch broadcasting corporation AVRO. the development used to be a double round-robin match. The 8 avid gamers in most cases considered as the most powerful on the earth took half: international Champion Alexander Alekhine, former champions José Raúl Capablanca and Max Euwe, destiny champion Mikhail Botvinnik and challengers Paul Keres, Reuben tremendous, Samuel Reshevsky and Salo Flohr.

The annotations are clean and have in mind the commentaries through the good contestants themselves through the years. they're incomparably higher than any past notes.

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11 ¤ge2 44 11 ¥e5 This was how Kasparov reacted in his first game with Short. ¥f5 12 ¥e5 12 £c1 Shipov,S−Ward,C/Port Erin 1999. ¤xc3? is a mistake - Karpov,A−Short,N/Prague 2002. ¤xc3!? Law,A−Ward,C/London 1994. b6!? A now very trendy successful dissuader of 5 a3. Black has conceded the bishop pair but gains a dangerous development advantage in exchange. 8 ¤f3 Black's idea is to sacrifice the c7−pawn after 8 ¥f4 ¥a6! 9 £xc7 £xc7 10 ¥xc7 ¤c6 and Black has good compensation for the pawn. Short introduced this line against Baburin at the 1998 Isle of Man Open, the game ending in a draw.

The main alternative for White is 10 cxd5. b6!? Qxb4+ 14 axb4 gives White a very pleasant endgame, so the following piece sacrifice is virtually forced. £c7! £e5!? is also very interesting: 17 exd5!? £xa1 is clearly better for Black, who has an automatic attack against the white king. £e5 18 ¦a2 Van Wely,L−Palo,D/Halkidiki 2002. ¤a6 7 a3?! This is too accommodating. ¤xc5 8 a3 ¥xc3 9 ¥xc3 which was played recently in Kramnik−Grischuk, Cap D'Agde 2003. ¥xc3+ 8 £xc3 ¤xc5 9 b4? I don't think White should be so ambitious here − his position isn't strong enough to support this early advance and Black is able to cash in by opening the position up to exploit his development advantage − see Wagner,R−Fischer,J/Bad Wiessee 2003.

Ne7 is a safe retreat. ¤e7 16 ¥b5 ¥c6!? Topalov,V−Leko,P/Cannes FRA 2002. 16 ¥b5 39 XIIIIIIIIY 9r+-+-trk+0 9zpl+n+pzp-0 9-zp-+p+-zp0 9+Lzp-+-+-0 9-+-zPPsn-+0 9zP-+-+P+-0 9-zP-+-vLPzP0 9tR-+-mK-sNR0 xiiiiiiiiy Sokolov,I−Hansen,C/Malmo SWE 2001. d5 is a counter−attacking line in which Black tries to take immediate action against White's early queen move. This line can lead to extremely sharp positions. 5 cxd5 £xd5 6 ¤f3 XIIIIIIIIY 9rsnl+k+-tr0 9zppzp-+pzpp0 9-+-+psn-+0 9+-+q+-+-0 9-vl-zP-+-+0 9+-sN-+N+-0 9PzPQ+PzPPzP0 9tR-vL-mKL+R0 xiiiiiiiiy 41 6 e3 Preventing the queen swap that may come with 6 Nf3 Qf5 is probably a more ambitious way for White to play.

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