360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames by A. A.Troitzky PDF

By A. A.Troitzky

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Xe4 13 ¤xe4 f5 14 ¤eg5 f4 15 ¥c5 dxc5 16 ¥c4) 13 gxf3 ¤h5 14 ¢h1 and in a game Liberzon − Quinteros, Netanya,1983, Black had failed to prove he had something for the pawn. ¥d7 11 ¤e1 b5 12 a3 a5 13 ¤d3 £b8 14 f3 Kuczynski,R−Chernin,A/Budapest 1993. ¤b8!? This move which was introduced by the Hungarian GM Alex Chernin, an expert in the Pirc, becomes more and more popular. I think this is because in the 8... Bxf3 line White has found ways to fight for an opening edge. 9 ¦e1!? White has a wide choice here.

Dxe5?! ¤h6 fails to 14 £c1! b6 Tzermiadianos,A−Anagnostopoulos,D/ch−GRE, Athens GRE 2002) 11 a5 b5 12 axb6 ¦xb6 13 ¤a4 ¦b8 14 c4 Now the pawn centre is very strong and White is ready to attack in the centre with e4−e5. Black has to do something immediately, or he will be smashed soon. Grandmaster Aivars Gipslis finds a brilliant rook sacrifice. e6! Dolmatov,S−Gipslis,A/USSR 1985. ) 8 e5 dxe5 9 dxe5 ¤d5 10 h3 ¤xc3 11 bxc3 ¥f5 12 £e2 £d5 13 ¥e3 £a5 14 ¥xf5 gxf5 15 £c4 White is clearly better. The weakness of his queenside pawns is of no importance here because Black has no real possibilities to exploit it, while White has good prospects over on the kingside with g2−g4 at the right moment, Yegiazarian,A−Minasian,A/ch−ARM, Yerevan 1999.

After this White gets a dangerous attack. £b6+ 15 ¢e2 ¦e8!? ) 15 £xf4 £b6+ 16 £e3 £xb2 17 ¤d5 Polgar,J− Hennigan,M/London (England) 1988. e5 11 0-0-0!? A very sharp and interesting continuation. ¤bd7 12 g4 d5! The central breakthrough is a typical reaction to a wing attack. £xa2 15 ¤c3 £a1+ 16 ¢d2 £xb2 17 ¥d4 Polgar,J−Azmayparashvili,Z/Amsterdam II 1989. Bb7 seems more consistent to me. 14 £e2 ¥e6 15 f5 ¥c4 16 fxg6 hxg6 17 a5 Now Black has to strengthen White's centre after which I don't like her position that much, Computer−Ioseliani,N/Hague (Netherlands) 1993.

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