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This can be a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism—personal and extremely available. The booklet starts off with the awakening of scholars' curiosity in spirituality and the preliminary stumble upon with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us via the entire steps worthy for winning perform within the West. integrated is succinct tips on discovering a suitable instructor, receiving empowerments, changing into energetic in a middle, and launching and maintaining a Vajrayana perform. precise emphasis is put on the aptitude pitfalls, and the fabulous advantages, of the guru-disciple courting.

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Thus, you can see that the title lama has so many meanings that it can mean almost anything. Therefore, the title should have very little weight in your search. The next most often used title is tulRu. TulRu is the Tibetan for "nirmanakaya," one of the three "bodies" or aspects of a buddha. In English it means something like "emanation being" and refers to a buddha or bodhisattva who consciously emanates or takes birth in our world in order to benefit us. The Dalai Lama is, of course, the most famous example of this, being the fourteenth consecutive emanation of Chenrezig, the buddha of compassion.

When I met my teacher, I was interested in learning the yogic practices called the Six Doctrines of Naropa, and I wanted to meditate diligently in solitude. My teacher was a master of these practices and always sincerely encouraged me to practice, discouraging me from study or any other kind of non-meditative spiritual activity. It was a good match. Also, you should consider the logistics. Four years ago, an incredible terton visited the United States from Tibet; since that time, however, he hasn't been able to return.

Centers 43 If we read the stories of great meditators of the past, we rarely hear of any that started right away as yogis or yoginis. Almost all of them spent some time in an apprenticeship serving their gurus. Milarepa spent many years building one useless tower after another for his guru, Marpa. Only then was he considered ready for meditation. If you recall from the story, he escaped and received instructions from another lama. He practiced diligently in retreat but with absolutely no benefit.

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