Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku's A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings PDF

By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

ISBN-10: 818510266X

ISBN-13: 9788185102665

Comprises translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual fireplace delivering for peace linked to six meditational deities. This e-book talks approximately 13 deities in accordance with the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Yl KUR UYE SWAHA. and so forth. All the offering rituals for the substances to be burned are as above. Offering the Thirteen Substances to the Principal Deity The offering sticks: All the offering sticks have the nature ofBodhi-wood. yt PHAT Oiyt AGNAYE For us ...... inauspicious and hindrances to the perfection of wealth SANTIIyt KURUYE SWAHA Then the sesame: OM HRIH STRIH VIKRIT AN ANA HOM PHAT · o¥ sARVA PAPAM DAHANA VAJRAYE For us ...... yt HRII:I ~TRil:l VIKRITANANAHDryt PHAT Oryt V AJRA AYUSE For us .......

This is the upturned Tathagata fist. With index finger extended hold the butter-filled funnel. fferingfor Peace fist, facing-downwards; hold the handle of the ritual ladle placing the right fist near the left index finger with the cup of the ritual ladle placed upside down over the mouth of the ritual funnel. With both hands in the mudra of Supreme Enlightenment, but not extending beyond the knees, circle them three times clockwise. Offering the Liquid Clarified Butter as an Appetiser The fire deity's mouth thus being opened, offer three or seven ritual ladles ofliquid clarified butter, saying either the mantra of the fire deity, or the mantra of the ritual ladle, or the mantra of the butter for burning.

VAHANAYA OM APRATIHAT A V AJRA YE For us ...... inauspicious, and shadows, uncleanliness and hindrances to supreme protection SANTIIyl KURUYE SWAHA Then the mustard seed: Olyl AGNA YE ........ V AHANA Y A OM SARV A ARTHA SIDJ-IA YE For us ........ inauspicious, and all hindrances SANTII'yl KURUYE SWAHA Then the coarse barley: Olyl AGNA YE ........ V AHANA Y A Olyl VAJRA-BIJAYA For us ....... inauspicious, and hindrances to obtaining treasure and good harvest SANTIJ'y1. KURUYE SW AHA Then the husked b~rley: OM AGNA YE ......

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