Download e-book for kindle: A Step Away from Paradise: A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary by Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

By Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

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ISBN-13: 9780143415466

"A Step clear of Paradise tells the tale of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 introduced an excursion to what he and his fans believed to be the land of immortality defined in twelfth-century Tibetan culture. With over three hundred disciples, he ventured up a distant Himalayan mountain on the Nepal-Sikkim border with a view to ‘open the way in which’ to a hidden land of lots came upon on no map. Fifty years later, Thomas ok. Shor tracks down the surviving contributors of this visionary day trip and entwines their striking tales of religion and experience together with his personal quest to find the truth of this land referred to as Beyul. What emerges is a panoramic tale alive with hazard, bringing the reader as with reference to the Hidden Land as a ebook potentially can. because the stunning account unfolds, the reader is certain to copy the query consistently raised through the writer in his interviews: after which what occurred? the tale remembers and conjures up one in every of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of discovering a stairway to paradise

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Three years earlier she had shaved her head, donned a robe and become a nun in order to devote herself more fully to the religious life. Often when I visited, I would stand next to her and lean on the railing looking over the city and snow mountains beyond, stilled by her calm presence. I did not know much about her beyond that presence, since she spoke not a word of English and I speak neither Tibetan nor Bhutanese. ’ I asked Tinley. He laughed. ‘It’s better she tells you herself,’ he said. ‘But—’ ‘Trust me,’ Tinley said, looking up from the powder in his mortar and pestle, which was as blue as the empty Tibetan sky.

Tenzin Palmo Introduction What would have happened if Lewis Carroll had proclaimed the reality of Wonderland? What if he had gathered a following and launched an expedition? It was autumn 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis threatened to end the world as we knew it. As Kennedy and Khrushchev teetered on the brink, it became startlingly clear that not only was an apocalyptic end within our technological means, it was also an immediate likelihood. The fear of incoming Soviet nuclear-tipped missiles meant schoolchildren across America were learning to duck and take cover under their desks while their parents dug bomb shelters they believed would take them to the other side of the looming apocalypse.

She chose the two strongest men to come with her. The newly fallen snow hid all but the widest crevasses, making the way all the more treacherous. They left before sunrise when the snow was the hardest and would be more likely not to give way. It was Dorje who chose the direction and broke the trail. Tinley broke his almost simultaneous translation to interject his own observation. ‘She’s a powerful mother-in-law,’ he said with a twinkle, ‘a real warrior. ’ When they reached the first settlement in Nepal they heard that the lama and his followers were at a monastery farther down.

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