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The All-Seeing Boy believed that there needs to be the way to make humans satisfied. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him in regards to the blue sky of happiness . . . and our inherent, a bit of magical skill to carry happiness to others.

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RESULTS OF MERITORIOUS PRACTICE Nagarjuna describes in detail the positive effects of religious practice (281-99), which Gyel-tsap organ­ izes into five common good qualities and twenty-five particular good qualities: common good qualities happiness fame respect from officials sleeping and awakening happily happy dreams. particular good qualities and their causes 1 becoming a monarch of gods due to serving one’s parents, respecting elders in one’s greater family, using resources well, being patient, generous, and having kindly speech, being without divisiveness, and being truthful 2 the eight good qualities of love—friendliness from gods and humans, protection by spirits, mental and physical pleasures, defense against weapons and poison, effortless achievement, and rebirth in comfort—due to being loving 3 firm altruistic intention to attain enlightenment due to causing others to generate the same aspira­ tion 4 leisure due to faith 5 goods rebirths due to ethics 6 detachment due to accustoming to emptiness 7 mindfulness due to not wavering 8 intelligence due to thinking 9 realization of meaning due to respect 10 wisdom due to protecting the doctrine 11 being in the company of Buddhas and attaining quick success due to making the doctrine unobstructedly available 12 achievement of the meaning of doctrines due to non-attachment 13 increase of resources due to non-miserliness 14 becoming the center among respected persons due to not being proud 15 retention of the doctrine through enduring difficulties in its acquisition 16 being free from demons and endowed with mightiness due to giving others sugar/molasses, ghee, honey, sesame oil, and salt as well as non-fright to the frightened 17 visual clairvoyance due to offering lamps at monuments and in dark places 18 auditory clairvoyance due to offering musical instruments for worship at monuments 19 clairvoyance knowing others’ minds due to refraining from speaking of their mistakes or their de­ fective limbs but protecting their feelings ADVICE FOR LIVING 45 20 clairvoyance of magical display—the ability to reduce many emanations to one and vice versa, and so forth—due to giving shoes and conveyances, serving the feeble, and providing teachers with transport 21 clairvoyance remembering past lives due to activities supporting the doctrine—such as building temples and enduring difficulties for the sake of the doctrine—memorizing doctrines, retaining the meaning, and providing the doctrine for others 22 clairvoyance knowing the extinction of all contamination due to correct knowledge that all phe­ nomena lack inherent existence 23 Buddhahood due to cultivating the wisdom of the emptiness of all phenomena equally which is moistened with compassion for all beings 24 a pure Buddha Land due to making multitudes of pure wishes for the welfare of other beings 25 emitting infinite light due to offering gems to Buddhas.

6. 54 BUDDHIST ADVICE FOR LIVING AND LIBERATION When there is long, there is short. They do not exist through their own nature, Just as due to the non-production Of a flame, light also does not arise. As can be seen from these stanzas, although Nagarjuna refutes the extreme of existence, he is not averse to using the word “is” or “exists”8 in the context of such conditionality. The second line of stanza 49 states a certain type of existence as what is being refuted, “They do not exist through their own nature ”h Thus, as Ajitamitrac says, conditionality is conventional.

Sometimes the horrible effects of a bad deed are not seen until the next life, and sometimes they are seen in this life. If comfort is taken because the effects are not seen, why is fear of those actions not gen­ erated when the effects are seen! Correspondingly, engagement in religious practice, impelled by realiz­ ing impermanence, yields happiness for both oneself and others: (278-79) The causes of death are many, Those of staying alive are few, These too can become causes of death, Therefore always perform the practices.

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