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By Niçaise

ISBN-10: 2100049410

ISBN-13: 9782100049417

Nicaise S. examine numerique et equations aux derivees partielles (Dunod, 2000)(fr)(ISBN 2100049410)

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You should draw the students' attention to the idea of the solution to the last problem. This could be done, for example, by asking what if the number described had two hundred O's, l's, and 2's? Three hundred O's, l's, and 2's? Problem 11: The numbers a and b satisfy the equation 56a = 65b. Prove that a + b is composite. Problem 12. Find all solutions in natural numbers of the equations a) x 2 -y 2 = 31; b) x 2 - y2 = 303. Hint. x 2 - y 2 = (x - y)(x + y). Problem 13. Find the integer roots of the equation x 3 + x 2 + x - 3 = 0.

Show that two of these must have the same number of hairs on their heads, if it is known that no person has more than one million hairs on his or her head. Problem 5. Twenty-five crates of apples are delivered to a store. The apples are of three different sorts, and all the apples in each crate are of the same sort. Show that among these crates there are at least nine containing the same sort of apple. §2. More general pigeons If you have read the problems above carefully, and tried to solve Problem 5 in the same way as the first two, you may not have succeeded.

No. For example, the number 12 can serve as a counterexample. •t two 2's; if the same number is divisible by 6, then it mea11• that its decomposition contains 2 and 3. ) and 3, so we can only claim divisibility by 12. 8. The number A is not divisible by 3. Is it p0&•ible that the number 2A is divisible by 3? Answer. No, since 3 does not belong to the decomposition of A, and, therefore, does not belong to the decomposition of 2A. 9. The number A is even. Is it true that 3A must be divisible by 6?

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Analyse numérique et équations aux dérivées partielles: cours et problèmes résolus by Niçaise

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