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By Pemantle R., Wilson M.C.

ISBN-10: 1107031575

ISBN-13: 9781107031579

This ebook is the 1st to regard the analytic features of combinatorial enumeration from a multivariate viewpoint. Analytic combinatorics is a department of enumeration that makes use of analytic innovations to estimate combinatorial amounts: producing features are outlined and their coefficients are then predicted through advanced contour integrals. The multivariate case includes strategies renowned in different parts of arithmetic yet no longer in combinatorics. geared toward graduate scholars and researchers in enumerative combinatorics, the ebook comprises the entire invaluable heritage, together with a assessment of the makes use of of producing features in combinatorial enumeration in addition to chapters dedicated to saddle element research, Groebner bases, Laurent sequence and amoebas, and a smattering of differential and algebraic topology. All software program besides different ancillary fabric might be situated through the publication site,

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Xd ) ∈ Re log D if and only if (ex1 , . . , a set closed under ≤ in the coordinate-wise partial order on Rd ). 5) for these and other basic facts about functions of several complex variables. Just as we use r, s, and t for r1 , r2 , and r3 , to make examples more readable, we use x, y, and z for z1 , z2 , and z3 . 2 Rational Operations on Generating Functions A d-variate combinatorial class is a set A, which is the disjoint union of finite sets {A r : r ∈ Nd } in some natural way. , |A r | = a r for all r.

Remark Every diagonal can be formed by iterating the elementary diagonal and permutation of variables. 2. Sometimes one speaks of the generating functions n anα zn , where α is a fixed direction, as diagonals. When α has integer coordinates, then this can be expressed in terms of the complete diagonal. A result appearing in Hautus and Klarner (1971) and credited to Furstenberg (1967) is that the diagonal of a bivariate rational power series is always algebraic. This result, although it does not solve the general bivariate asymptotic problem, is handy when one is only interested in the main diagonal.

If f is analytic in an open neighborhood N of zero, then f is analytic on N as well. ” Shortly, we will generalize this operation to polynomial recursion. 1 A formal power series f ∈ C[[z]] is D-finite if and only if there is an integer m and polynomials P , P0 , . . , Pm ∈ C[z] with Pm = 0 such that P + P0 f + P1 f + · · · + Pm f (m) = 0 . 1) Equivalently, f is D-finite if and only if f and its derivatives span a finite dimensional vector space in C((z)) over C(z). Remark The natural definition of a D-finite series is one whose derivatives span a finite dimensional space over the polynomials.

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