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Kg2 decides. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/August%201997/kar... 7/8/2004 SmartMoves Page 1 of 6 GM Ron Henley's SmartMoves A HUNGARIAN TRADITION by IGM RON HENLEY by Ron Henley Karpov, Anatoly - Leko, Peter Tilburg, 1996 After a tremendous run of success in 1996, Karpov's demanding schedule finally took its toll at the Category 16 tournament in Tilburg. After an early loss, Karpov struggled throughout. A win with White in the last round would bring bring him to 50%. I always look forward to an exciting theoretical Gruenfeld encounter when Karpov plays the White pieces versus Peter Leko.

Be7. Bb2! White threatens to play Bb2-a3 and begin penetrating on the queenside. Any attempt Black makes to defend weakens his postion decisively. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron.... b4 Of course now the b-pawn is hopelessly surrounded. Kb4, and White wins in all variations. d6! Karpov surrenders his proud passed d-pawn to achieve a winning opposition in the king and pawn endgame. Kd5 Kf6 64. Kd6 etc. Faced with this futile defensive task, Black Resigned. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron....

Qe2+ gets white mated. Rxf8 Qe2+ 36. Qd5+ as it is important to have this interposition. Qxe3? Qd3. cxd5 Nxd5 7. Na4 First introduced by Lobron and played recently with success by Khalifman, The idea is to impede the advance c6-c5 by black. 0-0 e5!? Novelty. Nc3 Qd6! Suddenly, black enjoys the initiative! com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/karp... f4? Be2 Qc5+, black wins material. Bh6 Ng8! f4 Ng4! Rxd4 Ke7! Rhd8!? Be2 h5 was more exact. h5 was deserving of consideration. Bh7 Nc6!

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